What now?

Mental Health Awareness Week has ended. But are we going to forget what has happened? Here’s why it’s important that we continue what we started.

Mental Health Awareness Week Roundup

There was some amazing content for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019. Here is only a snapshot of the massive amounts of content that was produced for the week.

Body Satisfaction Tips

Having better body image isn’t about having surgery! Here are some things the Mental Health Foundation recommend for having more body satisfaction.

Blog Post Special: MHF Research Report

The Mental Health Foundation have put together some amazing research about body image. Here, we’re going to be digesting exactly why body image is an issue.

What Does ‘Body Image’ mean?

What do you think of when you see ‘body image’. Do you jump straight to the class anorexia stereotype. But body image isn’t all about that.

Welcome Back

Here’s a quick explanation to why there has been a lack of content over the last week.

And… breathe

Very exciting times here at Jake Writes as we’re having a complete redesign of the website. With fresh content and finally some images (it’s 2019 people!)

#UniMentalHealthDay: Roundup

Uni Mental Health Day 2019 is all over now. Here are the best bits of inspiration and actionable tips to help you get through to the next one.


7/3/19 – #UniMentalHealthDay. Mental health in uni is on the rise. It’s time we spoke up, shared our story, and made uni a better place for mental health.

Spring is here (March Preview)

All the upcoming details you need to know about everything that’s happening in March (and beyond) right here at Jake Writes

#EDAW Roundup

So much happened during #EDAW2019 so here is a selection of the best content around the web.

Mental Monday: A new look

Mental Monday has changed! Back with a fresh new look, a different attitude and a new way of tackling mental health.

Mental Health Online: A small bite

Here is my small bite about trying to navigate the online world of social media when you have mental health. It’s a dangerous place. Here’s my advice on how to deal with it the best you can.

Banana, Yugoslavia, Rainbow

3 words: ‘Banana’, ‘Yugoslavia’ and ‘Rainbow’ have turned into this spy adventure – 500 words from the 3 given.

How free writing helps me

Free writing is a very personal way of getting out what you’re going through, allowing your ideas to flow and to get things out your head.

It’s February!

So this is our first site preview. Find out everything that’s coming up in Feb right here in this post.

3 for 500

Our February Event 3 for 500. You give me 3 random words I’ll give you up to 500 words in lovingly crafted short story. it’s weird. It’s random. It’s 3 for 500.