About Me

About Me?

I think I’m not the only one who goes back into my hedgehog-house when I’m asked to write an entire page about me? But to get to where I’m at now, I’ve had to come through a journey. And I want to share some of that here.

So where does our journey begin

I started having my mental health go downhill in my pre-teen years. I was autistic and lived with my nan, so throughout school, I was bullied for being different.

At that time I really wanted a relationship with my mum – but I couldn’t have one. Being different and not finding anywhere to fit in despite my attempts to try meant my mental health went downhill.

It went to some low places. I certainly hit that place called “Rock Bottom” and scrapped along there for a while. I had anxiety and depression, and I talk about my journey over on my mental health blog.

But I found a purpose helping others

This started when I was around 14 and replying on the ChildLine message boards. The service helped me a lot, and on the message boards, I was able to reply to people, but also read and see that I wasn’t alone on my journey.

At 16 I started my mental health blog so I could share what I had been through to try and help others. Writing about what I had been through, helping others showed me that I had a reason for the day.

I wrote along the way

Writing was how I expressed myself on this journey. Through my words, I was able to create a world of my own, to express my feelings in a safe space – safe as I was the one who created it.

While I don’t have as much time for my fiction I do occasionally share a short story or two when I have time to write.

So where am I at now?

Thankfully I’m through the worst of my mental health and know that I have people around me to turn to, and ways of coping so in most cases I don’t need to do that.

However, it’s still something that affects me, and something I talk about visibly on my blog and social media. Those periods of low mental health are always going to come up in my life, but I know that when they do, I can cope.

How did I get into marketing?

Throughout this journey, helping people has given me a purpose. And other than mental health – that’s marketing.

I love getting involved and sharing tips on my socials. I’ve found purpose doing something, a life through mental health lows. It’s something I’m fortunate to have.

And that’s about it

I don’t believe that there is a place of “recovery”. Recovery is a journey, and I’m always going to have those low moments. But now I’m in a place where I’m able to do what I need to do, to throw myself onto social and get involved in a community and be happy doing it.

This is the place that I never thought I’d get to. And now I’m here. And if that means I’ve recovered, I’m happy just this once to say “I’ve recovered.”

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