About Me

Nice to meet you. I’m Jake.

While it’s not normally my first line when introducing myself, it makes sense to start about me at the start of my journey.

Suffering from low mental health has defined the path I’ve taken. I won’t bore you with full history (save that for my future Wikipedia page), but I want to fill you in on some details.

I’m 19 and autistic (which you can probably tell if you are too). Diagnosed when I was very young and bullied from about year 3 onwards because I’m different.

My mental health started worsening in my early teens. The difficult relationship with my mum and not being able to fit in anywhere really got to me, as it would any child.

I hit Rock Bottom. I went through some difficult places in my mind. Fuelled by depression and anxiety, I got stuck in a perpetual state of feeling low.

But I got through it.

I’ve always loved writing and being able to create a world where I was in control, and safe, was the biggest activity that got me through.

I started this blog at 16 because I wanted to share my recovery with others. Because doing that, helped me too.

Being useful, being helpful gave me a purpose and a reason to carry on during dark times. At 14, I used to speak to others on Childline’s message boards, a service I now advocate for any young person who doesn’t know where to turn, to use.

Thankfully with my support network (some started as strangers on Twitter), I can get through the low moments and keep being in control of my life.

While depression may have defined my life, and while it still takes me to dark places, I don’t let it dictate me.

My biggest advice to anyone reading this and thinking “that sounds like me” or “I’ll never be able to recover” know that there is a way.

You haven’t found it yet, but you’ll find the right person to reach out to (personally or professionally) you’ll find the right coping strategy even if it’s not on the “ways of coping” pamphlets I’m sure we’ve all been given.

You will get through this.

So moving onto the present then here’s what I’m all about now.

I’m hosting Mental Monday which is a biweekly (every 2 weeks) unscripted live chat which helps get my thoughts and feelings off my chest. At 7 PM we have a half-hour chat about how we’re all doing and what’s on our mind.

I’m still writing here about Mental Health, although it’s mainly around awareness events like Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK.

And day today I’m at Waterdown Media, my marketing agency which again is big on helping other small business owners.

If you’ve got any questions or would like a chat, then send me a message. I do respond to all.

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