I’ll start my journey when I was 8 years old at the pivotal moment that founded my love for writing.

I was asked to write anything I wanted. I looked at the paper in front of me and had no idea what to write. I finished the hour with a few jumbled sentences.

But I kept thinking about that. And I wanted to actually write something. What I started writing all those years ago formed the basis of Going Underground.

Then came mental health

It was really around age 11 when family issues meant that I was going through mental health. My conditions were no doubt already there, but this started a downhill spiral.

I turned to ChildLine – talking to the service – and reading their message boards. There I learned I wasn’t the only young person suffering. I started helping them.

This is something I liked to do – it felt like I was actually making a difference. And it turned out I was actually quite good with it.

As we often do when we’re isolated from social circles because of mental health I gravitated towards people with similar issues. I formed friendships and we helped each other.

Taking it a step further

From what my friends were telling me I was actually good at talking to people about what they were going through. So I decided to start a mental health blog using a free WordPress site.

I started writing about my experiences – I also wrote short stories. Most of those early posts are deleted now – but the desirer to help people still continues.

I wanted to earn too

I found Elna Cain’s blog which was the first blog on freelance writing I read. From then I wanted to make a living doing it so I started up on Freelancer and Fiverr and got paid very little.

What I really wanted to do was help people – not to churn out content on a daily basis for apparently no reason. Jobs like transcription I could do well with my typing speed (over 100WPM) but didn’t fulfil me.

So I moved to marketing

I started learning marketing for my blog anyway so I decided to do this full time. I got involved across social media, Quora and YouTube to demonstrate my skills as well as achieving a Google Certification.

At the moment I still do this freelance offering advice and tips on how to improve marketing as well as making content for websites, blogs and social media.

But maybe I’ll settle down in a company one day? Maybe that will form the foundation of my life’s journey? I guess I’ll have to wait on that one.