Mental Monday: Mental Health Live!

Join me every other Monday at 7PM UK time live on YouTube and Twitch where we will be having an unscripted and open conversation about mental health. Mental Monday: Mental Health Live! will be a regular check-in, a time to ask “how are you?” along with discussing awareness days, what’s in the news and anything else that gets brought up.

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why we're doing this

Mental Monday was created in 2018 as an extension to my blog. I hosted the live sessions every Monday for an hour because being able to talk openly, in an unscripted way with y’all really supported my own mental health. Being able to make and use a space for myself was key.

In 2019 Mental Monday took a pause while I worked on my own mental health. With Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 I restarted the live shows, originally just as special episodes. I realised straight away how much I enjoyed doing them, so I decided to restart on a biweekly schedule and from there they continue to this day.

Get involved

I’d love for you to say hi and the best place to do that would either be in the YouTube or Twitch Chat. Though throughout the show you can also get involved by sending me a message on Twitter, Instagram or via email.

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Suggest Topics

Mental Monday is unscripted and the conversation is guided by my thoughts on the day and what’s suggested in chat. I like that, it gives me a chance to speak openly, without much planning. But I do pull some bullet points from the news and mental health community to talk about to help guide the show. If there is something you think I should cover, let me know.

Support is available

Unfortunately, Mental Monday is not the place to go when in a crisis. But there are people out there who are waiting for your call, who care what you have to say. I get the anxiety, I felt it too. But always seek offline support if you need to. The Samaritans on 116 123 or ChildLine (if you’re under 18) on 0800 1111 are always there for you. And please ring 999 in an emergency.

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Next Episode: 12th July 2021

Join me live at 7PM UK / 11 AM PT on the 12th July where we'll hopefully know if new 19th July Freedom Day has been confirmed, or delayed yet again. We'll also be talking about self-care, recovery journeys and whatever else comes up in the chat.