Covering Mental Health Events

On your blog, you may want to join in with mental health awareness days scattered throughout the year. From MHAW to EDAW to Stress Awareness Month, there are so many events to get involved with. The biggest, of course, is Mental […]

What to Share on your Mental Health Blog

Before you start planning content for your blog, it’s important to think about what to share. Mental health can be a sensitive subject – it’s ok not to bare all online. In this post, I’m going to break down things […]

Your First Blogs

Your First Blogs

Whens tartign your mental health blog you may not know what to write as your first post. Here’s my best tips what you could pen down to introduce yourself to the world.

Why Start a Mental Health Blog

You maybe thinking about starting a mental health blog of your own and this guide will help you find your purpose for doing so and lead you to answer the big question – the why.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020: Roundup

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020

And that’s the end of Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Over this week there have been some great blogs and content all about eating disorders. This year’s theme was carers, those supporting people as they are trying to beat their ED. […]

My Samarathon

I’m running 26.2 miles this month and I’d love for you to know why. Read this post and if you’d consider donating to save lives – much appricated.

Should your DMs be open?

Choosing to have your DMs open is a big decision. Here I’m breaking down what that means, wheather you should have them open and what to do instead.