Jake Symons – Freelance Marketer

Hi, I'm Jake

I’m a freelance marketer and ready to help you thrive online. I specialise in content and social and all those one-off marketing tasks you may need some support for. With over a million views talking all things marketing (and that’s just on Quora) I know a thing or two that could probably help you out.


Social media is an important but too often neglected place. I can audit what you’ve got (or help set you up) on social media and give you actionable strategies to help you achieve your goals there. Want to grow faster? I can set up your ad accounts and make sure you’re getting deliverable results within budget.


You’re going to need content time and time again. Form blogs to website copy to product descriptions there’s an endless amount of words that could be written. Let me offload some of that with my freelance writing services that help you make the most from your content.

Work your way

You’ve already got your workflows. While email may do the job I can fit right into Slack, Trello, Asana, monday.com, Microsoft Teams and anything else you might you have to make life easier.  

mental health

Helping others and speaking about mental health has helped me recover from my mental health issues. I started this website as a mental health blog originally when I was 16 and it continues to have a place here, and mental health advocacy will remain a cause close to my heart.

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My Blog

On my blogs I raise awareness for mental health days, offer up some mental health tips and create a space for my personal ramblings.

Social Media

I'm always available across social media to share my marketing advice and be part of the community. If you want to say hello then stop by it would be great to see you!

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I'd love to share my tips and see if I'm able to help you. Fill out my contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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