Profile Picture of Jake Symons - Freelance Digital Content Creator

Well that’s me

Guess we need a quick intro now:

I’m Jake, I help people and their businesses’ thrive online through content content.

I’m passionate mental health advocate blogging here, and helping out where I can

So what can I do for you?

My words help you achieve your goals. Through the use of content I can pave roads to calls-to-actions, inform and assist your readers, or even just give them an enjoyable read that makes them come back for more.

I would tell you where I write – but its anywhere words can go!

Some of the places I can help your business grow

  • Website Pages
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Video Descriptions
  • Product Descriptions

I won’t bore you listing everything, so contact me today to see what I can write for you!

But wait…what if you’re not even online yet?

Don’t have social media? Only are getting a handful of website views? My content can get you started on these platforms and lay a foundation for success. Social media is a competitive world – I can cut above the noise and add value to the conversation

But where does mental health come into this?

Well, having been diagnosed with mental health problems when I was 11 I’ve always had a desire to help others. I started on the ChildLine message boards. Since then, I now talk about mental health here, on social media and around the Internet.

I’ve always used writing as my way of managing mental health. It’s been something I can do, disappear into this world where I can have control. I love sharing my fiction (some for free on Wattpad) and continue to write for fun.

Why this is relevant on this site is because everything is interlinked. The love I have for writing is woven right through every word and passed to your readers. I have the same goal you do, to give benefit to your readers

If you’re interested in knowing more about my journey have a read of my about page.

I’ve also got a contact form if you, er, want to contact me.