Hi, I’m Jake

As a professional freelancer, I can flourish creativity over your content, making your purpose my priority.

I love all things writing. What’s more – I’ll love to write for you. Whatever your content requirements, I write every word for a purpose. Your purpose.

My content engages and resonates your readers. It takes them on a journey to your call to action.

I write for your audience

Careful research ensures that whatever your writing requirements I give your audience the credible facts they deserve.

Your trusting audience looks at you as a reliable source. Your audience’s needs underpin my entire writing. Every word is handcrafted to fulfil your readers’ needs.

The journey to your call of action

You have a call of action. There’s something you want your audience to do after they read my writing. I make sure readers not only get there, but they get there in style.

My content is written from the start with the end in mind. Readers are led down a path, full of the things that they enjoy, leading them right to your CTA. A happy reader is a CTA clicker!

With an exceptionally fast service

With a typing speed in excess of 100 WPM I’m one of the fastest around. I work with you when creating content to make sure it meets your needs.

I’m willing to make as many changes you like (if needed of course!)

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I’m also a transcriber

Be it audio, or handwritten text with a typing speed in excess of 100WPM I can ensure that your transcription is delivered to you with 100% accuracy. No job is too big, no job is too small, give me English and I’ll give you a transcription.

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I can also enter your data

You didn’t think that 100+ WPM typing speed would go to waste did you? So if you’ve got data, web scraping, excel spreadsheets then I can enter them. Let me take on your boring work so you have time to get on with the fun stuff.

Want me to blitz your spreadsheet?

If you thought it couldn’t get any bigger…

I’m also an author

I’ve written The Darkness – a mental health novel released on Wattpad. I also share short stories right here as well. I’ve always have had a love for fiction and enjoy sharing it alongside my professional services.

I’m passionate about mental health

Since I started suffering when I was 11, I’ve advocated mental health, something I believe I will do for the rest of my life. After seeing the lowest points, I’ve tried to use my experience, and my understanding of what other’s are going through to help them.

I talk about mental health here on the site, on my social media and I run a weekly Q&A session every Monday on YouTube 7PM UTC.

I’m not just here

I’ve compiled a list of all the different sites I’m on, including the community sites such as Quora, WikiHow and Google Maps, along with my social media.

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