Jake Symons – Entrepreneur & Mental Health Advocate

Hi, I'm Jake

As an entrepreneur and mental health advocate, I created this site to build awareness for mental health days and share my story alongside listing some of the other things I get up to.

I’m so glad you’re here! On this page, you’ll find some useful links to different parts of the site. Just give me a shout on social or via email if you can’t find what you need. 

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Mental Health

Most of this site is dedicated to mental health and that makes sense as it’s where my journey started. This blog was created when I was 16 to share my own story. Since then it’s become my place to get involved in awareness days and (hopefully) provide another supportive voice on the sidelines of your road to recovery.

My Blog

On my blog I raise awareness for mental health days, offer up some mental health tips and create a space for my personal ramblings.


Whether you're a blogger, journalist or are starting your own mental health project I'm always happy to learn more and get involved with a subject so close to my heart.

About Me

Thankfully I'm now far along my journey of recovery and I'm able to cope on the bad days. You are not alone in what you are going through.

free business support

If you need a hand with an ecommerce or marketplace issue, or want to talk SEO and marketing strategy contact me today for a listening ear, practical advice and implementation support to overcome your current challenge.

other projects

Waterdown Media

Waterdown Media is a remote-first marketing agency focused on providing affordable services that are actually going to benefit small businesses alongside additional services like content writing which make great packages for larger companies, and agencies to white label.