Hi, I’m Jake
And I’m here to help you thrive online.
I offer a range of digital marketing tips, advice and strategy to help you do just that. If you’re not already online I can set up your presence to make sure you’re reaching the right, new audience.
And if you’ve already started I can optimise what you’ve done so far and provide content to keep it growing.
I can provide the content to get you started and of course, engage there too.
Not ready to take the plunge with a digital strategy yet. I’ve got loads of advice on my blog, Quora, and social.
If you’re looking for a quick tip you’re welcome to ask me a question there too.

My Blog

Digital marketing tips with a sprinkle of personal life

My Samarathon

I'm running 26.2 miles this month and I'd love for you to know why. Read this post and if you'd consider donating to save lives - much appricated.

Should your DMs be open?

Choosing to have your DMs open is a big decision. Here I'm breaking down what that means, wheather you should have them open and what to do instead.

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