Jake Symons – Entrepreneur and Mental Health Blogger

Hi, I'm Jake

That’s me over on the right (or below on mobile) and this is my sandbox, a personal home for projects I’m working on and of course my mental health blog. Come on in, I’d love to meet you so feel free to say hi. 

Waterdown media

My latest project is setting up Waterdown Media - a new marketing agency with a focus on the service. Started in September 2020 so very early days but I hope to offer small businesses big marketing ideas and help them grow.

what you'll find here

My Blog

On my blogs I raise awareness for mental health days, offer up some mental health tips and create a space for my personal ramblings.

Social Media

You can reach me on social anytime if you'd like my thoughts on something or just want a chat. A full list of my profiles is here.


If you'd like to work with me on something here (like a guest post) or for me to check out your thing then fill out my contact form as I'd love to say hello.

Mental Monday

Mental Monday is my bi-weekly YouTube live where I'll be having an unscripted open conversation about mental health. Join us from 7PM.


Helping others and speaking about mental health has been one of the biggest drivers of my own recovery. I started this website when I was 16 as my mental health blog and I'll continue to do everything I can to share my story to help others.