Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

13th – 19th May 2024 is mental health awareness week. The theme of this year is movement, and this post will share my thoughts on movement and how you can get involved in the week.



Welcome to the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2024. This is my 6th year covering the event, and this week, we are looking at the theme of movement. Let’s dive straight into my thoughts on the theme.

The Theme

This year, the theme for the week is movement, and that’s a really broad one. What I like about this theme is that we all have our own interpretations.

Most of us are active in some way, whether we have a routine and make a point of getting up and doing something or just running errands. What we may not consider is the value that adds to our lives and the benefit to our mental health. This may sound like an overly deep interpretation; however, I have always been an advocate that little things matter. I genuinely believe these small acts can add up to have a big impact on our mental health.

I touched on this in 2021 when we looked at the theme of nature. For me, going out for a walk and being in nature was so beneficial for my mental health.

What the Mental Health Foundation is asking us to do this week is to become more mindful of the times we are active and how that makes us feel.

Getting moving for our mental health doesn’t need a lot of effort to change our lives. Being more mindful when we’re already moving can act as a self-check-in and give us a chance to reflect on how we’re feeling and where we’re at in the present moment.

We all know the health benefits of exercise, both physical and mental. The MHF says that even 10 minutes of brisk walking can boost our mood and increase our mental alertness. This week is a great time to try to find moments for movement in our existing daily routines.

What I’ll try and make an effort to do this week is be more aware of the times that I’m moving. Taking some time to have a breather and be in tune with myself is really valuable even if it is as simple as being present during a brisk walk.

The MHF also offer us some tips to help us all get moving. Whether it’s listening to music or getting active with others it’s all about making movement something we enjoy.

Getting up and active, whether we’re getting out in nature, trying something new or following the same routine, gives us something to look forward to and makes moving fun.

Having an extra dose of positivity in our lives can only be a good thing. So this week, I urge you to find some moments for movement.

I’m excited to see all the ways you’re getting active and moving for the week and I will be sharing some for the best stories I see in my roundup post on Friday.

As always please reach out to me if you want to be included or have seen something I should read. I love hearing your recommendations.

By Jake Symons

Jake Symons is an entrepreneur and passionate mental health advocate determined to share his story to help others. Alongside writing on this blog he hosts Mental Monday: Mental Health Live an intimate and unscripted conversation about mental health.

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