Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 Roundup

It’s the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. Find out what happened during this week and the content that spoke to me. 

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 Roundup

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 - Post

It’s the end of Mental Health Awareness Week. This blog will take a look at all the content that I’ve been reading this week and how we can continue to create positive change and continue the conversations we’ve started this week.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation that organises this event has produced a lot of content,   including a research report discussing all things loneliness. I wanted to share this guide on helping yourself and other people through loneliness.

Loneliness involves interaction which comes from the confidence to go out there and find like-minded people and us all being accepting and kind to those that are. 

Unwanted Life

A regular to these roundups this post takes a methodical and in-depth look at some of the research about loneliness and its effects including tips for managing it. You can read the post in full here.


Shared by Tommy, this blog echo many of my own thoughts shared on recovery and talks through the process. The idea is that the feelings never go away, but we recover enough to deal with them and get through our lives in a way that we want to really speak to me. 


This personal account by Dan Sibal talks about the turning point in a recovery journey. Mental Health Awareness Week is not just about talking through the problem. It’s an opportunity to show that things can get better, and that starts with taking small steps on our own recovery journeys.

Mental Health Minute

The Mental Health Minute for 2022 by Wills and Kate, broadcast across all radio stations in the UK, focused on the theme of loneliness and how we can all take small acts to be there for someone.  


My content: 

As with all the awareness weeks I cover this week started with an opening blog discussing the theme and how to get involved. 

Tuesday saw me share my personal story of loneliness through bullying, and you can read that here. 

If you’ve found any other content produced for this year that’s not covered here please drop me a link to it so I can add it in.


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