There’s been so much amazing content produced this mental health awareness week and this blog will be showcasing what the mental health community can do even through a pandemic.

Much like last year, I am going to be sharing a round-up post with the best content which has been produced by blogs of all sizes.


Chalkboard scribbles in Green, White and Purple, including a hand gifting a flower and the Mental Health Foundation's Ribbon.

I want to start by listing some of the amazing blogs I’ve been reading across this week. These are inspirational, real stories, ideas on how to be kind and more.

Forgetting Fairytales

From Ell, this blog lists 50 acts of kindness that you can do during these tines. Under lockdown, it’s not possible to take someone out for a drink or go round for a cup of tea. This breakdown gives you ideas on how to be there for people and show your kindness even during these difficult times.

Unwanted Life

This is a mammoth personal post which talks really personally about kindness as well as offering practical advice. It covers everything and the way it’s written really engaged me in reading. I featured this blog last year once again a great post has been created for this year too. 

Train, Pain & My Brain

“Kindness Saved me.” If that doesn’t tell you the power of kindness I don’t know what well. From Rhiannon, this blog discusses a kind act and the power that a kind act has to actually make a difference. 

The Pastoral Room

This post goes into some of the science about why it’s important to take care of yourself. Every day this week I’ve mentioned the importance of self-care and this post goes into why positivity and kindness are so important. 

Victoria’s Highway to Happiness

From Victoria, this is just a very real post that says that kindness isn’t going to “fix” someone. So often we may not know what to say or do and this can stop us from being kind. But being there is enough. This post adds some perspective. 

Time to Talk

Featured in last year’s roundup this post is all about being kind and loving yourself. Now more than ever we need to love ourselves and be accepting of ourselves so as well as reading these tips hopefully you’ll find some value out of it.

Mental Health First Aid England

MHFA England always get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week and this year has been no different. Here you’ll find some practical tips on how to be kind in an infographic which I found really helpful. From exercise to giving and acceptance there’s so much packed in here that’s actionable and hopefully will actually help you.,

Amy’s Book Life

As a writer, I have to include this blog here. We all have a lot more time inside on our hands and instead of staring at a screen, you may want to return to read a book to help you wave away the boredom. This blog post gives you a few ideas on how you can be kind by sharing books.

And finally, the Mental Health Foundation created many resources as always. I’d recommend reading why kindness was chosen as the theme. I broke down the PDF of kindness on my blog Wednesday. I want to showcase the most this guide to kindness with loads of ideas about how you can get involved. 

A few other things have happened this week.

Heads Together had the Mental Health Minute again broadcast to 20 million people on all radio stations.

Here’s a Google News story with all the main articles and tweets about Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

My Content 

I’ve also been creating content every day this week as well. I’ve written a blog a day and also have been live on YouTube as well every day.

So there we have it, that’s some of the best content that’s been produced this week. I, of course, am not going to find everything so if you have any content that I should be including please let me know and I’ll give it a read.

Kindness matters. This week has shown me, and hopefully you, the power of kindness. That small act we do for someone who makes thank us is powerful. That’s what I’ve come to realise over this week.

It’s been great to get involved and share this week with you. Let’s take these times that we’re going through, this week and become kinder to each other.

And always, always be kind to yourself. Now more than ever that’s important.

Thank you to all who have got involved this week. You don’t need to be featured above or have created content or spoke on social media. To all those who have texted a virtual friend, or helping someone in the vulnerable category at this time, thank you.

By Jake Symons

Jake Symons is an entrepreneur and passionate mental health advocate determined to share his story to help others. Alongside writing on this blog he hosts Mental Monday: Mental Health Live a biweekly intimate and unscripted conversation about mental health.

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