About Me

I’ve loved writing since I was 8 years old.

And now I love it even more.

What started my writing was the joy I felt in being able to create my own world. A world, where anything was possible. 

That love I had when I started writing ‘Going Underground’ in a year 3 classroom still carries through to my work today. And that’s the love that carries through when I write for your business.

But, let’s deal with the elephant in the room shall we?

Because, you may have noticed that this is a mental health blog, along with a place to talk about my professional writing. So here’s a quick intro to my journey.

So my mental health really started aged 11. I was going through some difficult family problems that made me feel worthless, unloved. These thoughts led to my depression and the negative cycle began for there. 

But the cycle broke. I realised I wasn’t the only one.

So I started to help others, and in doing so I was helping myself. Realising that I had a purpose, something I could do. It made me feel like I was worth something again.

So I still help others. And right here on the site. I talk about mental health sharing tips, practical advice and doing everything I can to make other people’s mental health journeys easier. 

When we’re open about mental health, and not passing it off as ‘I’m fine” to people, that’s when we start getting help. That’s why my mental health is write here on my website and not hidden away.

Mental health isn’t something we should separate from ourselves from. It’s something we should work on. 

So how can I help you.

Having battled mental health, I’m a fighter. And it’s that determination I can bring to your business. With a desire to give 100% all the time, as well as a typing speed in excess of 100 words per minute I get things done. Fast.

It’s the determination and creativity I bring which presents a rewarding and unique package for your business. Not only do I just do the job, I see what other ‘extras’ I can through in there was well. Determined to go above and beyond I don’t just meet expectations. I exceed them.


Some more about me.

So other than talking about mental health and professional writing, I get around a lot. I contribute to numerous sites like Google Maps, Stack Exchange and Quora. Although I don’t do this a lot, I enjoy helping people and will probably do this more when time allows.

I’m also the owner of Woodland Builds something I started, and then got friends to join. We have a YouTube channel where we primarily film den-building, but also show nature. Living right on the edge of the suburb means there’s a lot of woods for me to walk in. I’ve always found this helpful for my  mental health. 

Want me to be an asset for your business? Talk to me today!