I’ve been talking (and planning) this for a while now, but if you’re just coming to the website for this today, firstly welcome, and secondly, I’m just going to give a short intro to MHAW

Mental Health Awareness Week is created and ‘run’ by the Mental Health Foundation once a year. Their aim is to bring awareness and help to both those suffering from mental health issues and those around them. They pick a different topic each year and this year it’s body image.

This is the busiest time of the year for my site and across my socials. During MHAW we’re going to be talking about all things body image, as well as dropping out to talk about mental health in general.

I’m really looking forward to this week, this is the biggest event I do on the site and there is so much content I’ll be producing for this week. But it’s not just me producing amazing content, content is coming from everywhere and I’ll do my best to round it up the best we can.

I hope you enjoy this week. I’ve tried not to script it too much, I’ve left things flexible so I can be guided by what you want to talk about.

So let’s talk about what we’re doing, shall we?

Mental Monday Specials

We’ll be live every day on Twitter and YouTube talking about everything at around 7PM (London time). Mental Monday or ‘The Big Friendly Conversation about Mental Health’ is where we’ll be talking about body image, my own experience and whatever comes into the chat.

These are flexible, they don’t have a particular script. I’m guided by your comments in the chat which decide what we talk about, although I have a few prompts if there aren’t that many coming in.

Blog Posts

There’s a blog post coming out every single day this week talking about body image and mental health. I didn’t want to get into anything ‘deep’ on the first day but we’re talking about body image head on throughout the week.

Being 17 this is a subject that really affects me and I’m really looking forward to not only talking about how it’s affected me, but what I’ve done to help.

Daily Roundups

It’s not just me producing content this week! I’ll be collecting and talking about the best content from the week and I’ll be trying to showcase as much as possible from the week on Twitter Moments – Today’s is already out!

And so much more

What you’re seeing here is all the things that I’ve pre-planned, collected and created since the start of the year. I started back in February due to the amount of content I’ve got planned.

However if I see something inspiring or that I want to talk about it I’ll just go for it. The new Mental Health Foundation Report is something that’s getting it’s own special blog post.

Please share this and let me know what you’d like to see this mental health week. I’ll try and include as many of your events as possible for MHAW so please comment them below or get in touch on social.


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