We’ve had a makeover! And we’re looking fresh.

So in the March Preview I talked about completely redesigning the site. The website was okay I guess, but it wasn’t conveying information in the most effective way. One of the biggest things was that there was no images on the site. It’s 2019 – we need images!

So what’s changed

Let’s start with the theme

The old theme looked too empty, so we’ve changed it and made it something new. Because the site is WordPress.com I only have a limited selection of themes to choose from. When my contract runs out, I’ll swap to WordPress.org which will give me a better selection of themes.

Site Structure

We’ve also changed the structure. This is a less visible change, so don’t worry if you’ve missed it. All the categories and tags have changed. We’ve streamlined everything and kept capitalisation the same for consistency.

The Content

We’ve also changed the content. Mostly everything on the site has been updated and changed to suit the new theme and design. Most blog posts have an image now, and every future blog post will at least have a header image.

But back to the basics

Mental health always has been, and will be the focus for this site. My professional services are just advertised here, and this is used as the portfolio for my writing, but mental health is always the main purpose of this site.

I’m no longer going to be sharing short stories here. My blog is in the mental health niche so my short stories will have to find another home.

And that’s the site update

Now all the updates are out the way I can get back to what matters. Writing content. Be that for my blog, The Darkness – my novel which is now back in the pipeline, more short stories, and of course taking on more amazing clients to grow their businesses.

As well as that I’m working on a few more personal projects, and some little extras that are going to appear right here on the site too.

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