Today I’m launching a new series on how to start a mental health blog. Because there’s a lot of “how to start a blog” guides out there I wanted to do something different. I know a lot of my mental health blogging friends are tweeting out questions about their blogs, especially when working out how to promote it.

Today I’m going to give you the list of what’s in this series and talk about why it needs to be mental health specific. I’ll also be sharing how you can get involved after the list of posts

Why it’s mental health specific

Your own mental health

If we’re starting a mental health blog it’s often because we’ve suffered or had an interest in mental health. Like me, if you’re suffering low mental health it can affect your entire life and work. Especially if blogging isn’t your actual job and just something on the side, it can be pushed down the priorities list.

Blogging is a hard grind. And in our low moments do we really want to be churning out the posts? Blogging involves so much more than just writing the content, be it research, social media, or anything else you need to reach an audience online.

Managing everything is exhausting. Especially if your mental health isn’t great. Our mental health blog might not be our full-time job, so that’s going to add extra stress.

So I’m not going to say things like “write a blog post every day.” I’m making it mental health specific so you can grow in a way that’s manageable for you, and not going to get in the way of recovery.

Sensitive Topics

Another thing I’m keeping in mind is that this is a special type of content. Mental health blogs are intimate and talk about what we’re going through when we’re often at our worst. Emotion filled posts are not just random words on a page, they mean something.

Instead of treating these like just being pieces of content, I’m keeping in mind how much of us are in these posts. How much you share, how often you share it, how much of your private life you let us see; these are all things I’ll be addressing in the series.

So what’s coming up.

This is everything I’ve got planned at the moment but I’m always open for more ideas to add here. This isn’t in order of how I’m writing them, just broken down by section.


  • Why start a mental health blog
  • Ultimate planning guide
  • Working out the content you’ll write
  • Building a social presence

Building your site

  • WordPress with the basics covered
  • Designing your site
  • Advanced WordPress
  • Google Search Console
  • Upgrades to your site

Your First Pages

  • A homepage for you
  • About your story
  • Privacy Policy: Writing what they don’t read

Your first blogs

  • Let me introduce myself
  • Where I’m at now
  • Types of blogs you could do
  • Covering mental health events

Your own mental health

  • How to look after your mental health (when you talk about it all day long)
  • How to destress your blog
  • Knowing when to say no

What you should blog about

  • The ultimate list of blog ideas
  • How to find your ‘niche’ within mental health
  • Growing the tribe

Marketing 101

  • Mental health marketing (is there a nutshell?)
  • Making your posts marketing ready
  • Writing mental health calls to action
  • Getting involved in the blogging community
  • How not to do it

Social Media

  • Starting mental health accounts (on all the major platforms)
  • Starting from 0 followers
  • How to join the community
  • Adding value to the conversation
  • Bringing mental health into social
  • Growing your following
  • The right way to share your posts on social
  • Avoiding triggering topics
  • Should your DMs be open

How can you get involved?

Get active on my socials, mainly Twitter where I’ll be making these posts as interactive as possible. The posts are drafted in OneNote and I’ll be getting your feedback and ideas when I write them into WordPress.

If you’re not on social leave a comment below any of the posts or this one and I’ll get back to you. It takes a village to raise a post, these posts are for the community. I want you to use, take and act upon and come back to them for the latest updates.

These posts will change over time. As I evolve through my career I hope that I can bring new tips and tactics that I learn and improve, change my advice. These posts will constantly be reviewed, maintained and edited.



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