Social Media Services



The first part of any social media strategy is seeing what's already there. I'll review your accounts and let you know my thoughts. I'll speak to you about your goals and find out what's not working on social for you.


Going headfirst into social without a plan may work in the short term. To power up your long term success I'll great a plan with you that helps you achieve your goals and is manageable for your team.


I'll show you the content in action with posts and engagement on your account. I can handle your messages and direct people to the right place. This isn't just about posting content, it's about positioning your social account as a leader of your industry.

My Services

Account Audits

Social not working? I can audit what you’ve got already and give you a strategy that you can action.

Account Optimisation

Squeeze all you can from your accounts with a makeover. This also includes setting up pixels. 


I’ll put your social to work with content that engages your audience and hashtags that reach them.


Want to sell straight on social? With shopping setup you can show your products direct to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 


Whether you’ve got an event on or just lots of attention I can take on the heavy lifting by sorting and responding to comments and DMs to keep your community engaged and satisfied.

Anything Else?

If there’s something you need that’s not mentioned contact me and I’ll see what I can do. If I can’t help you I’ll point you in the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you're probably wondering right now

Do you work with tools?

I’m familiar with most social tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, SEMRush, Sprout Social, Zendesk and can quickly learn your workflows to seamlessly fit right into your existing social team. I can also fit into Slack, Asana and can work with your existing social team.

Do you offer a free audit?

I do offer a limited free audit where I’ll be able to give you an overview of your account and some of the things that need to be worked on. From there you can decide if you would like my help working through them, or you’d just want a roadmap to do in-house. 


Do you offer graphics?

I am not a graphic designer and have always been hopeless at it so it’s unlikely what I create will be to your standard. 

But I am able to use Canva with free stock photos in a pinch if you absolutely need it.

What is "engaging"?

Engaging isn’t just about posting content. I can find the best hashtags and accounts to interact across social and position your brand as an approachable leader in your niche.