Mental Health Awareness Week

The next event in the calendar is mental health awareness week which kicks off between the 18-24th May. The theme is Kindness and while we’re all social distancing and spending a lot more time indoors (thanking keyworkers here for spending more of their time on the frontline) kindness is something that’s coming into our lives. Kindness matters. We’re seeing more acts of kindness with neighbours delivering food for those shielding who can’t get deliveries, to those saying hello to their neighbours across front gardens during the NHS clap. The MHF says that “kindness is the antidote to isolation” and I’d definitely say that was true. I started my journey answering messages on ChildLine message boards which gave me a sense of purpose. Writing on this blog, sharing, helping people helps me too. Kindness is valuable, but one of the things that often gets overlooked is the benefit that it gives to you as well. It can make you feel positive yourself. Kindness isn’t just doing something for someone else, it’s doing something for you too. Across this week I’ll be breaking down my thoughts on kindness as well as sharing your blogs as well. I’ll also be active on social in places saying hello to others who also believe #KindnessMatters

Still to come in 2020

World Mental Health Day takes place on the 10th October every year. I’ll be writing about my personal experience across this year the highs and lows of my journey and an update on recovery. I’ll also be talking about topic mental health issues at the time and anything else that is relevant in October. 

We all get stressed in life, but if you don’t have a break from the stress things can build up quickly. On the 4th Novemeber I’ll be getting involved and raising awareness through my own expereinces of stress.

I’ve shared my experience with bullying and I’ll be supporting the Anti Bullying Allience talking more about those experiences as well as getting invovled in any social media events that happen nearer to the time.