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I’m Jake Symons professional digital content creator and mental health blogger. It’s great you’ve come to my site today. If you want to talk then fill a form here or drop an email to

A Friendly Ask

The Samaritans is a charity that has saved my live and I’ve got the pleasure of fundraising for them in July. I would love for you to support my giving page as I attempt to run 26.2 miles across the month to show my gratitude and fund their live-saving work. You can see all updates, and how far I’ve got left to go on that page too.

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My Blog

On my blog I talk about what’s going on in the world of mental health, give a few tips and share my own story. Want to know more? Leave a comment with what you think.

Short Stories

I’ve loved writing short stories since I was 8 years old and I still write them now. There all free to read on Wattpad. Let me know what you think!

Mental Monday

The Big Friendly Conversation About Mental Health happens every Monday at 7PM on YouTube and Twitter.

All are welcome, there is no agenda, everything mental health related is talked about.

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I’m a professional digital content creator. If you want me to be your business’ next asset and pave roads to your call to action then contact me today.