Hi I’m Jake

And I’m here to help you thrive online

Let’s get you set up first

You’re going to need a website and some social profiles first. And if you’ve got a store, you need to be on the map. Before you can thrive, we need to build a solid foundation.

I can help you get these profiles set up (only on the platforms you need) and set up a routine that’s both going to help you grow – but’s manageable for you. Posting multiple times a day isn’t for everyone.

Now that’s done – time to get social

Your audience is on social media. If you want to build trust and gain attention you need to add value, join their conversations and give them a reason to come to you.

It’s not about having an account on everything. This is to build social profiles on sites you are going to use and manage the scale off.

If you’ve already got them, I can give them the spring-clean that they need to really start driving engagement and followers to your page.

Likes and followers are nice and everyone wants more of them. But what’s more important is the social platforms are working for you. They have to be driving traffic and sales, giving back the time and effort you’re putting into posting.

With clear strategy and goals, we can find and engage with the right community online in order to grow your brand. A

Let’s get some content

Everything you see online is content. You’re content needs to stand out and attract the attention of your audience. With so much content out there, you need to be a cut above.

There isn’t some advanced technical formula for this. It’s simple – add value. With thoroughly researched and written blog posts, I can give your audience the value they need to trust you.

But it’s not just a matter of producing content

You’ve actually got to get the content out there to the people who need it. This means a short and long term strategy to promote the content and use it to achieve your goals.

Taking a holistic approach focusing on your entire digital presence I can put the pieces together to keep everything working together.

This is complicated

This is what I’ll be doing on my digital journey with you. Simply posting content online without planning and actively adding value isn’t enough.

To cut above the noise is hard. You may have a lot of competition out there in your industry and you need to become the ‘expert’ – the place people go to.

So let me walk you through it steps by step – helping you make the right decisions – one’s that are going to help you grow – but growth that’s manageable and sustainable.

Does that sound good?

Well here’s a form to start (or refresh) your business’ digital life.