Content Services

Content that counts

From local shops to eCommerce stores with thousands of products you’re going to always have a need for content. I can help with some of the heavy lifting following a process that keeps you in the loop and provides content that works.

Step 1 



I start the research process at our first conversation to let you know straight away if this is the right fit for you.

For blogs, I’ll look into your topic to see if if I can work with it. I understand the need for your copy to be authoritative and expert-written. I’ll let you know if  I am the right fit and if possible I’ll point you somewhere that may be better.

For website copy, I’ll ask you some questions to make sure I understand exactly what direction you want this to go in. Your website should represent your company – and you know all about that. 

For product descriptions, I’ll be looking through the features and images of the product and asking you where needed. I’ll also check the reviews and get a good feel for the product to help highlight its features.


Step 2


Once I know what I’m writing I need to know how to write it. I’ll share with you my outline of what I think should go in the content. You’re welcome to reorganise, add or remove sections to make the content exactly what you need.

For product descriptions I’ll be sending you over a few samples so you can confirm that it’s got the right feel and exactly what you’re after.

Step 3


Here’s where the real work begins. I’ll be making my fingers work on the keyboard to start creating your content. As we’ve already got an outline I’ll quickly hand you a first draft of the content.

I can source free stock photos to use on your article and can offer some basic graphic design in the featured image (such as overlaying text).

Your content will also come with a headline and meta description unless you want to provide your own.

Step 4


After reading the content you’re bound to have a few things that you’d like changing. I’ll review your feedback and give you an updated version reflecting the changes.

With my expert knowledge of WordPress (it’s what built the site you’re reading now) I can enter the content straight into your site. Or if you would like it shared in a tool like Dropbox or Google Drive I can do that too.

I also include

Comment Replies

I can monitor and reply to the comments on my article to make sure you’re community stays engaged. If I can’t answer the question I’m happy to forward them on to you.


If you require content to be updated then let me know anytime and I’ll be happy to revisit the content for you.


Social Posts

If you’re looking to promote your fresh content on social then I can supply posts for most platforms with dedicated copy and the graphics from the post.