Comments Policy

What is this?

This is the Jake Symons Comments Policy written to help you know what you can and can’t say in blog comments. As many of my blogs will be talking about mental health, I thought it best to write some guidance of what comments are acceptable and what comments may be deleted.

But first, what comments are welcome?

Blogs are meant to be conversational. Most of my blogs will express my point of view and chances are you’ll fall into an agreeing or disagreeing half when you comment.

Expressing your own view (in support or against mine) is the types of discussions that are meant to happen in comments. I want comments to be an on-topic place for healthy discussion.

So what comments are not welcome

Spam comments and off-topic comments are against this policy like most comments policies. Comments with more than two links are held in a moderation queue for manual review.

We do not tolerate abuse of any kind in the comment section. I don’t need to lay out all the forms, but if your comment exists for targeting a specific person/group, then it may be removed. These include comments that contain hate speech, threats of violence or harassment. 

Being a mental health blog, people may be reading the blog, and it’s comments when they’re not in a good place. This means that in addition to the usual “Be Nice” rules I’m adding the following.

Triggering Topics

Self-harm and suicide are addressed on this Site, and all posts which include this will start with a warning if I believe the post may be triggering. However posting graphic descriptions of self-harm, suicide, eating disorders is not okay in the comments. This is because it may cause harm to another reader, and I’m not comfortable with that happening on my Site.

Threats of violence to yourself are also not okay as they could upset another reader.

Please reach out if you need help to charities like the Samaritans or ChildLine (if you’re under 18) if you want to discuss those thoughts and please always call 999 if you’re going to do something. My site is not the place to help you.

Personal Information

Making your personal information public on the internet can make it easier to target you, and I don’t want that to happen to you when your on this Site.

Personal information (such as your address, school, date of birth) should be kept private to you. It shouldn’t be shared on this Site. I may remove comments which contain personal information, or the information of another person. 

This is not an exhaustive list

It would be impossible to create a complete list of what is and what is not okay to leave in comments. The point above explains the general idea of comments – that they’re to min healthy, non-triggering on the topic discussion about the post. If your comment does that – then great it’s okay on the Site.

Moderation Decisions

Automated blocking may take place on certain spam comments if they contain certain phrasing (such as keywords in the “Name” field). Otherwise, any decision to delete comments will be taken by me.

I’m the sole moderator of my site so I’ll use my discretion to decide if your comment should be deleted or not. If you feel I have wrongly deleted your comment please reach out so I can reassess the decision and permit you to comment again.

No Edit Policy

I will never edit your comments on this Site in an attempt to censor, water down or change the meaning of what you have posted. Your comment will either be kept or deleted in line with this policy. 

Comments will only be edited on this Site if you request them to be so using your data protection rights under GDPR. I will edit or delete the comment in question at my discretion.

I reserve the right to delete comments and block IP addresses of individuals who repeatedly breach the comment policy.

Your Responsibility for your Comment

When you leave a comment, you are responsible for what you write. When posting a comment on this Site you agree to hold me (Jake Symons), any guest post authors and other commenters harmless from your remarks. 


It’s required to fill out the Name field when leaving a comment on our Site. This makes it easier to understand the flow of conversation if every comment is attached to a name. You may use a nickname providing it does not contain profanity, racial slurs or similar. 

Why do you take an email?

I take an email address when you comment so you’re able to view and delete your comments as is your right. You might leave a comment on my Site, and then want it removed. Having your email address means I’m able to verify it’s your comment that I’m removing. 

What emails can I use?

Please use an email address you have access to (so you can verify it’s yours). Temporary email addresses while tempting to use, may mean that you’re not able to confirm that you own the comments and they’ll be unable to be deleted.

How can I delete my comment

Send an email to using the same address that you commented with, along with the page link or title of where your comment is. 

Please do not send any other form of identification other than an email from the same address. I cannot be responsible for your data’s security if you were to send me such documents. 

Be Nice

Like social media, there are going to be disagreements in the comments with me and each other. These are fine – I will not censor your comment just because I disagree – I’m happy to be challenged with what I write.

But the overall aim of this policy, and why I have created this Site is to be kind. And like the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, kindness is one of humanities best virtues. 

And it’s that spirit of kindness and good faith that comments should be written in on this Site.

Social Media


When interacting with me on social media (or using my channels as a place to interact with another user) the social platform in question is responsible for your privacy and safety.

However, I do take action on social media in the following ways.

All comments on social media must comply with the platform’s own terms of service. You are responsible for the content you post on social media.

If I find content that breaks the platform’s terms of service or is borderline such as spam or discussing triggering topics then I will take action to remove your comments. This may be using platform-specific features (such as “hide replies” on Twitter) or reporting your comment to the moderation team of the platforms themselves.

Any account that falsely represents me (Jake Symons) or one of my businesses’ will also be reported both on the platform and by law where applicable.