What is this?

This is the comments policy for the guidelines and moderation of comments for this site(Jake Symons). These sites are run by the sole administrator Jake Symons who is responsible for producing this policy.

What is this for?

We accept anonymous comments on this site. Providing your name, email and website are OPTIONAL, only do so if you feel comfortable with sharing that information.
However, during periods of high spam then this may be required, in which case it will only be required until the spam issue has been resolved from the site.
When you use this site we want it to be free of spam, and allow you to see the content you love. We aim for our sites to be free of abuse and non-constructive comments because these are not ok.
The policy gives clear guidelines of what is unacceptable in comments, and what we do not tolerate on this site. We make these guidelines clear and transparent so that everyone is aware of what can and can’t be commented across our sites.

What comments are unacceptable?

This is not a complete and exhaustive list it will be down to the moderator reviewing the comment to decide if your comment is unacceptable or not.
Spam: Any comments solely existing to promote something such as a product service or anything else. Comments with more than 3 links will be deleted, as they are flagged by our anti-spam software.
Abuse: Anything is seen as rude, abusive, insulting to a particular individual group, or indeed any abusive language in posts will be removed from our site. Insulting and derogatory terms are unacceptable and will be deleted.
Profanity: Comments which may add value to a post but contain offensive profanity may be edited to remove the profanity if the post adds value to the discussion of deleted. It is up to the moderator of the site to determine what they want to do with the post.
Threats of Violence: Any threats of violence either to others or yourself will be deleted. If there are serious threats of terrorism given on our sites then we will report those comments to the relevant authorities.
Harassment: Any comments which appear to campaign against certain members. Disagreements are fine but continuous patterns of disagreements for reasons that are not valid against particular individuals, such as saying “your wrong” to every comment that user has made, then that comes under this category.
Off-Topic discussion: While exploring all areas of a topic is okay, it is also important to keep the discussion on the topic of the post, be that the post itself or the issues raised in it. Completely off topic discussions are not ok.
Repeating Information: Simply copying and pasting the information from the post and repeating it in a comment is not okay. All comments are expected to add value to the post and be a way of expressing a personal opinion on it. If people want to know the facts then they can read the post so just repeating those facts does not add any value.
Anything Else: This is by no means a complete and exhaustive list and there are many things which have not been included on here. A simple summary would be to say that all comments are meant to add value to a post. If the comment does not add value to the post then it will be removed.

What if my comment was deleted?

If your comment was deleted then we may hold certain phrases in a moderation queue. These “blacklisted” words will be retained on our records so that if you post again, your comment will go into a holding moderation queue and not be posted on the site.
We have an automated system in place which does this, however, it requires manual deletion of your comments, so if your comment is heled by accident, Jake Symons still maintains the ability to overrule that decision.


If you have any questions regarding this policy on our sites or need to contact someone regarding it, please contact Jake Symons, whose details are below.
Jake Symons