It’s been a busy hasn’t it?

With Eating Disorders Awareness Week last week, straight into Uni Mental Health Day. With all the posts here, and social media I’ve written a lot more than I usually do.

But now, a quick pause

That’s because something special is coming. While I’ve got a few days breathing room before starting up the content again I’m going to completely change the website.

New website?

New theme at least. We’re going to be having a new theme, new structure with categories and tags, new homepage, updated content.

Most importantly… images

The theme looks bland and minimalist which doesn’t really work as it makes the site look boring. I’m a creative person, but the site looks to formal.

So that’s why we’re going to have images (it’s 2019 people). I think that and the new theme are the biggest changes I’ll be making

But there’s a catch

If I’m going to have new images on my blog then I’m probably going to need to expand my storage space. That’s going to mean I’m going to have to take on more clients so I can cover the upfront cost.

While you’re excited over new images, I’ll go through the plan

So once the website is all updated it’s all about talking about what you’re talking about. I want this site to be full of practical content, inspiration.

I’ve been talking a lot about positive changes in society with the awareness days. It’s finally great to make the positive changes here too.

So I’m popping off to the ‘mood room’

While I work on designs, layouts, images and everything else that comes at me when redesigning this site so it actually has more than just text here, I’m going to be in my ‘mood room’ (bed or maybe my office).

I’ll be asking a lot on social media (Twitter mostly) getting your feedback on the new website so I can adjust it to fit what you want. After all the website’s for you.

So there’s a quick update

I’m going to do a few more personal blog posts as well, because at the moment my contents been slightly more objective and about what’s going on. And I’ll link them to mental health so they’re still useful for you.

So thanks for your support so far, and apologises if the site looks slightly broken this week.

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