About Me

I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old

I’ve always loved writing, but I can remember one clear event where I started my journey to where I am today. The task was simple: to write a story about anything we wanted. I remember finishing the lesson with little done. I didn’t realize then it’s impossible to write about everything (even with infinitely long paper.

I turned my love into a career

I started my love for short stories when I was 14-15 doing mock exams. For the last question on the language papers(GCSE level), you have to write a fiction and non-fiction story. Through this I found that I actually enjoyed writing them, I’ve shared one of them.

So I created the website, primarily to share my short stories, but now I have branched out and have come a long way from the kid who wrote short stories in school. I now offer a wide range of writing, transcribing and data entry services.

With A-Levels, I know that time is limited.

That is why I aim to exceed all deadlines, as well as having time to change, edit and alter content if it doesn’t quite meet your needs. Time is limited for all of us, that is why you won’t be waiting for days for me to get back to you on that email. This is my job, and therefore I treat it(and you) with the same respect that I would if I was physically going to work.

I may only be 17…

However, that by no means reduces the maturity of my voice. I bring can bring a youthful voice to youthful voice to your audience, but I can also resonate with older audiences as well. My age gives me a competitive advantage, being able to write formal copy, with a youthful outlook creates a unique blend in my writing.