Forgotten Ones

On my grandfather’s typewriter I could share many things for a first story. The blackness of my heart. The depths of my desires. The pain I live with.

Stay Swimming is now here!

What’s going on? As I announced on YouTube, Stay Swimming is now going to be right here on my website. The merge will take place across the next two weeks as all of the content from Stay Swimming will be merged over to this site, along with social media channels. Read more…

Slight changes – back at school

This ULTIMATE GUIDE will tell you everything you need to know about the schedule that the website takes when I go back to school, read it to know what content will appear, when it’s going to happen and what you can do with it.

The Darkness is now live!

So it’s official After talking about this book for months, it’s such an honour to say that my first ever novel, mental health story The Darkness is now live on WattPad. Click HERE to read it now! So what’s the big deal, just another WattPad story, right? Well, this is Read more…