What are your 2019 plans?

2019 is now only a few days away.
So it’s time we revealed our plans too.

2019s going to be our first full year. We’re hitting the ground running.

Let’s start with content

The Darkness is finally unveiled.

The Darkness hype has been building for a while with various mentions on Stay Swimming’s Mental Monday’s. At midnight the Dedications, The Prologue and Chapter One are all going to be revealed on WattPad. 
From then on a chapter will be released every week. Following the journey of two children, Zach and Lilly, I’m using the story to promote mental health awareness as an extension of my mental health blog Stay Swimming.

Stepping up short stories

There will be many short stories which will appear on the site over the next year. I don’t have a specific schedule for them but I would like there to be a lot more. I’m also working on increasing the length of the stories as well, giving you even more content to get your teeth into in the new year.

Social Media

It’s been mentioned many times before that I don’t post as much as I should on social media but that’s changing in 2019.
The regulars of my Instagram would have noticed that there’s already an increase in posts and the same will be replicated on Twitter and Pinterest.

Let’s move onto my work

Ok so it’s well known I offer writing services as that’s advertised on my homepage. But did you know I offer transcribing and data entry too? An updated list of all my freelance services will be released at the start of 2019. 
I’ll also be taking on a lot more work over 2019. As the foundations are mainly in place now, I have less work to do in learning about freelancing, setting up websites etc… If you want to hire me for the new year please fill out a handy contact form.

Let’s now round it off

There will be lots of events and special content which would not nearly be as special if I said what they were now. So look out at our blog, follow us on Twitter and be notified when new content is released straight away. 
I love writing, and there’s going to be plenty of it across 2019. But enough about what I’m going to do. What content would you like to see?
Drop a comment below with any suggestions for content for 2019. They could be short stories, events, blogs, or anything else you would like to be doing in 2019.
Well, before I end, I want to thank everyone who’s made this website such a success over the last year. Thank’s to all the other writers, who have gone out of their way to provide support, advice and encouragement which was much needed when I was hitting dead ends. 
Finally, thank you for everyone reading this. It’s such an honor to be at a young age, but still able to be supported, and to gain an audience. 

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