FREE winter short stories

The FREE winter short story event where I write your short stories absolutely free as my Christmas gift to you!

This event ended Christmas Day 2018. This post is kept here for archiving. 

Do you love to read short stories?

Same here. I love to write them even more.

So this winter, I’m giving you short stories FOR FREE!

But why on earth would I do that?

Writing your stories for free allows me to give find out what kind of content you like. And I do it because I just love writing. Consider it my Christmas gift to you.

I can write about anything and everything completely for free and at your request.

Here’s how it works

You get the message to me

There are so many ways you can do this. We’ve set up a special contact form but you can email me( send me a DM on any of the social sites I’m on.

We then agree the idea

I will then take your idea and write a short summary about it. I will then send you this and we can discuss the idea that you want to be written. Whatever I write will be between 500-1500 words depending on what we decide. 

You get a short bio

You will get credit for your idea in the form of the short bio below. This changes depending on how many details you want to give. Please note you don’t have to give the details required, but they are available if you want to get a backlink and traffic to your site or social media. 

This story suggested by [your name] was written for the FREE winter story event. [Your Name] is  XYZ and you can find more [link here].

And that’s it!

This is my Christmas gift to you. It’s completely free and you get the content you want on the site. I love interacting with my audience, and getting to know you. 

So fill out the above form and we can get started crafting your short story together!

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