The Writer: (An exactly 300 Word Story)

Writers who are familiar with going to writing groups will be aware that sometimes you are given a card with a theme on it you have to write about. This is one such writer.

Staring at the envelope his tentative fingers revealed the contents inside. Even though they were sitting in an equal circle, it was his turn to sit at the head of the table, his turn to be in the spotlight. All eyes were on him.

Whatever was on the card in the small brown envelope on his lap would dictate his life for the next week. Whatever was printed in bold capital letters would be his topic to write about. No swapping. No going back. This was his card, his moment.

The process had already started. The flap, slightly damp with sweat was pulled back by shaking hands.

For a moment he thought there wasn’t a card there, that he could escape. With high hopes, he stared into the envelope, and on cue, the card stared back at him.

After a large intake of breath, he dived in and slid the card out of the envelope. He looked around at the expectant faces. Full of excitement, they were totally fixated on the card in his hand.

Like he just pulled a rabbit from a hat he stared at it with excitement. He looked down at the card and read the words. With a short smile, he read them again, each letter individually to see if there had been a mistake.

The breath he was holding was finally released and he placed the card in his lap shielding it like a poker player, as he held in his excitement and passed the envelopes along.

He knew from what it said, that this writing would not only take him on a journey in his writing but explore his entire life. He tried to look disappointed, to not give the secret away. He wanted to hold onto this moment for as long as possible.


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