This was written for my English Language GCSE Mock in November 2017
I consume the black spires of death, those mountainous peaks from which the sunlight shines through, trying to cling on in desperation. At least it is, for now. I feel the cold rising, the sun surreptitiously shining nearing the horizon, hiding from me. The impertinent sun continues to focus its rays on me, continues to foolishly light up the way, trying to assist people, trying to let them see the path back. But as time slowly passes the sun gets weaker and weaker until it finally surrenders so only the cool moonlight remains.
But something’s wrong.
Intently I stare across my domain, my kingdom, my empire, this mountainous region which I have been bestowed the honour of keeping in my possession all night. I see a light. It stands out like a wrong note in my symphony of darkness. On one of the mountains, there’s a small group of tourists that failed to get back before my night fell. They desperately try and use their phones and torches to penetrate me, both trying to stay safe on the treacherous mountain passes and to try and locate their base of safety. I stay close with them, occasionally flickering their torches with the harsh wind of my anger belligerently bellowing into them.
“Curse this horrid darkness! Why didn’t we go back earlier, we wouldn’t have had to walk through this?” How foolishly they curse me! How dare they! How dare they not respect my power! Lightning is now flashing and I am brewing up a storm of pure anger as I demonstrate the power which they so foolishly mock. I turn the air cold. No one will ever make fun of the power of the dark, the power to control, the power to extinguish. All light. All hope. All life.
I see the tourists as they desperately move quicker now, occasionally losing their footing on the mountain passes. They have seen the storm above them, with great flashes of lightning and roaring thunder. I see their fear. I see their desperation. Even now they still try and light up the path ahead. Across the mountain I sweep a thick, heavy mist and throw it at the tourists, plunging them into total darkness and making them lose all bearings.
Humans. These arrogant, feral animals believe they can overcome all obstacles and if there is a problem with nature, they can just move it out the way. They invented lights so I couldn’t control them during the night. But I still scare them. Many with all their light bulbs and torches still fear me. Some younger ones won’t even let me in when they’re sleeping because their fear is so great. I have control over all of them. And yet they still mock me.
I see the group of tourists holding a rope between them now, making sure they can still follow safely during the mist. I continue to watch their progress, as their phones and torch batteries are slowly running out, the lights are dimming. I am ready to extinguish this once and for all. I love the moment when a light is barely shining and suddenly I extinguish it and take over that space. I have that power. I have that control. I have all control. I am just waiting for the lights to die and for them to be truly alone with me in these mountainous heights.
The waiting is over. The lights flick out. What was a small piece of light now turns black. I don’t care about the cries from the tourists their conversations their petty plans for survival. I have won the battle. I have consumed the light. I have regained the control they fought so bravely for, but it was all in vain for them. Finally, I can be a master of my kingdom once more. All the light has gone as I sweep across the mountains in glee, seeing the cold veil fo the dark fall over me, as I have reclaimed my kingdom from the vile light.
Those great black spires of death, from where the sun shined has now been void of life. The flowers have closed. The birds have gone to nest. The animals have gone to their barrows. And the vagabonds which crossed my mountains, who dared mock me, have also been consumed by my great darkness. For I am the master of these mountains; nothing will ever get past me. For where there is darkness, there is death.
And death shall consume all. I will consume all
I am the darkness.
I am death.

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