So it’s official

After talking about this book for months, it’s such an honour to say that my first ever novel, mental health story The Darkness is now live on WattPad.

Click HERE to read it now!

So what’s the big deal, just another WattPad story, right?

Well, this is a big deal.

And I’ll tell you why.

As many of you know, I am passionate about mental health and often talk about it and share my struggles. I created Stay Swimming(my mental health blog) because after helping friends through hard times I realised that helping people helped me. I was also good at helping people.

I want to take that help to a global scale. I do still help friends who need them, but I can share my experience, and offer my advice which can hopefully help you as well.

I’m taking this to the next level

So, the mental health blog is good, but is everyone with mental health going to come to the blog? Am I going to be able to advocate for better mental health in the confines of my website? The answer is no.

So that’s where The Darkness comes in. It’s all about taking the mental health help off the site and taking it to the millions of readers which are on Wattpad.

So you can read the book for free

Yes, the book is completely free. I thought about traditional publishing methods, but I feel this particular book is best on Wattpad, where it can be shared by the many and read and engaged with by the whole world, not just a select group of paying customers. I want to help people with mental health. I just feel it would be wrong to charge people for something that could help them, after all, if they were my friend I’d give them it for free. Why not the whole world?

So, please do take a read

If you want to read it click here. Any comments and feedback are welcome, this is my first ever novel but I already have more ideas in the pipeline for future books.

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