What’s going on?

As I announced on YouTube, Stay Swimming is now going to be right here on my website.
The merge will take place across the next two weeks as all of the content from Stay Swimming will be merged over to this site, along with social media channels.


Stay Swimming never really worked. I tried to expand too quickly and talk about mental health from the safe veil of the company. However having that mask meant I couldn’t connect, I couldn’t be someone that people could connect with. And that meant there was no benefit.

My anxiety was stopping me

It was the anxiety of having to say “yes I have a mental health problem” that made me do things through the website. Hiding behind the website meant I could talk about it more openly as it wasn’t just me and mental health.
I think sometimes we all feel that way when talking about mental health. We say we’ve got mental health, but then as soon as a conversation starts, we realise our vulnerabilities and stop before others realise then as well.

I’m stripping everything away

I’m taking everything away, everything to do with Stay Swimming. I’m going to stand here and say that I have a mental health. I’m going to open myself up. My anxiety won’t hold me back any longer.
If I’m really going to help others then first I need to help myself. So while I’ve been doing polls on Twitter and getting your opinion on this move, I’ve been working through my anxiety. Getting ready for the task ahead.

This is what you can expect of the change:

More content

There is going to be so much more mental health content here along with my writing content of course. I’m going to be sharing my blog with mental health tips and short stories and everything you need to improve you’re mental health

Remember Mental Monday

Live Q&A show every Monday. What about a Mental Tuesday. Or Wednesday. What about Mental Monday every single day of the year. Some days I won’t be able to, but I’ll be live as many days as possible.
So expect countless Mental Mondays live on YouTube. They will discuss anything and everything you want and of course, you can ask questions all the way through.

More personal content.

Instead of having a website between me and you I’ll be talking directly to you. Right here, on social media, through email and DM. Hopefully we can take small steps in improving your mental health together.

Anything else?

This is not a complete guide to everything that’s going to happen here. I want to make the content you need, the content you feel is best for you. That’s why you can request you’re own content, and I’ll try my best.
Through what I’m doing I’m starting conversations about mental health. I’m creating a situation where we can all talk about what’s going on as well as creating a community where we can all help each other.

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