But first, let’s talk about February

It was a busy time on the site, especially with Eating Disorders Awareness Week at the end of the month. I did write a few posts last month, here are the highlights:

Most of my efforts last month were spent working out what content I needed to make, understanding my audience.

That’s why I made a few adjustments to Mental Monday, released a new short story event and I’m now more active on social media.

So now, it’s March

March is a busy month for the site, as it’s getting a total new look. I’ve been wanting to change the theme for a while, but couldn’t find anything I liked.

So we’ll try again to overhaul the content and update it all. The current theme’s too bland which doesn’t represent my creativity at all.

I’m getting on social

My mission is to help people, and to create a community of support. Those who frequent my Twitter feed will know my posts are trying to drag you here, but I’m now going to go to you.

It’s a change of direction for the site. I really used this as my main platform but I’m extending this now. I’m getting involved in the conversation, replying to comments and seeing what y’all talking about.

Mental Health Days

So there are two mental health days this month. It’s Uni Mental Health Day today and World Bipolar Day at the end of the month. We’re covering both ehre on the site.

Next month is Stress Awareness Month followed by Mental Health Week which will be covered in a lot of detail on the site.

So between now and then I’m going to be building up a good supply of blog posts, perfecting content ideas, and preparing fro a massive week in mental health.

It’s my first year doing this (and all the other events) so I’m really excited to find out what they’re all about and engage with the different communities out there.

A changing workflow

My workflow at the moment has been just to look at what’s popular and write posts about it. I’m going to actually come up with a blog strategy and one for social media too. That’s going to let me better write and promote content so.

Other things to look forward to

This is more of a sandbox area where I’m bouncing ideas. Ideas here will slowly get pushed into the site or end up in the waste paper basket

An email group

So to provide a more direct way of talking to you all, I was thinking of a weekly email where I check in and see how you are. Things I was thinking to include on this were what’s happened in the world of mental health, how I’ve been an a few other tips based on that.

However, when I reach a certain number of subscribers I will have to pay for this but as I won’t be selling anything from these emails, I’ll be making a loss.

The Facebook Group

The Facebook group is something I’ve been speaking about for a while. But I’m still deciding what’s the best way of actually going about it. There are other platforms I could use, and I still need to plan what’s going into it.

Thank yous

Thank you to everyone who has supported the site, and those that are coming today to support it. Your support, commitment and positivity get me through the times when I just want to dive back into my pillow.

I think one of the best things about this community is I can post here or on Twitter something like ‘I’m not feeling good right now’ and be flooded back with lovely messages.

Away from my professional work, outside my blog posts, we are creating a community. A community armed with the virtual hugs ready to be deployed day or night. We’re creating a lovely community of mental health support, awareness and empathy.

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