More changes have been made

Mental Monday this time

Mental Monday wasn’t working. I was just talking at you and the Q&A webinar style wasn’t beneficial. It wasn’t a great way of sharing content with you or making you stick around.

Our views fell. Comments dropped. Content ran dry.

This was not what I intended

What I was trying to do was start the mental health conversation. I was trying to get you to talk about things, expecting to generate comments and questions from thin air.

But the mental health conversation has already started. We’re talking so much more about mental health as a society now. Mental Monday was behind the times.

There are many voices in the mental health conversation. Of course, we still need to work for everyone to feel able to talk about their mental health without fear of judgement but being treated differently.

Q&A doesn’t really work for mental health.

I’m trying to create a support group. But that goes beyond the Q&A style. Instead, it’s about being able to listen, and see how people are getting on.

It’s more than the Q&A style. It’s more than me sitting down for half an hour to talk about it. It’s about creating a network of support which you can vent to and come to when you’re feeling low.

Q&A doesn’t work because I don’t have the answers

But then – nobody does

See, the thing with mental health is that it doesn’t offer us a nice solution. There are ways of dealing with it and making it easier such as therapy or medication, but often it’s not an easy journey.

So instead of the Q&A approach where I just talk at you, I’m going to change things up. I’m going to be facilitating the conversation, creating another support network for you.

I’m calling it ‘The Big Friendly Conversation About Mental Health’

So I’ve emptied the toolbox and made a few upgrades to the stream instead of me just sitting in front of the cameras.

I want to be led by you

I have ideas for what to talk about, but I don’t write any script for the day. Our mental health can have highs and lows all the time, I’m taking a flexible approach.

So when you leave comments you create talking points that we can expand on and get out into the open. What do we really need to talk about?

But that’s not the only change

Our new hashtag ‘#FMHchat’

The ‘Friendly Mental Health Chat’ is a way of interacting with the chat if you can’t watch the video, as well as being a support group afterwards.

I’m creating a friendly support group, a network of people you can relax with and who send you GIFs when you’re low.

More blog posts

So on Mental Monday if there is a comment I go into detail over or something that moves me then I will most likely turn it into a blog post.

I haven’t done this with the earlier episodes, but writing those blog posts means I can extract the best content so you don’t have to watch the entire video.

I need your help

I’ve always asked you what you think and for your input because your feedback makes the site better.

The more I understand about you the more I can write content you’ll like, and that actually helps you.

So what do you think of the changes? Let me know in a comment below!

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