So the website’s had its ups and downs last month with a lot of content being edited and added. However, now we settle down into the blog we can start the conversation about mental health.

This is the start of a monthly post for the site. These posts are about coming together as a community and working out what’s positive and to be continued and what we need to work on. I want this site to be led by you. I talk about what you’re talking about, curating content which you ask for.

So what can you expect

The February schedule for Mental Monday is now out. If you miss an episode you can find links to the repeats on there. Mental Monday is my live Q&A broadcast every week on a Monday dedicating the entire time to you

So there’s going to be these Twitter and YouTube episodes every Monday at 7PM UTC to join the conversation about mental health. I love speaking to you guys on there, we have a great time, feel free to join us.

And talking of schedules, we’re back on track

Deviating slightly from the schedule because of all the updates and edits to the site there wasn’t much time for making the content. But now the site’s all sorted we can get back to the content that matters. The blog posts.

So basically Monday it’s mental Monday Tuesday to Thursday I do work for clients, Friday is a new blog post and something special on Sunday but don’t ask me what it is.

So you can expect more posts

Mental health is now the main focus of the site. I still share short stories (for free you don’t have to sign up for anything!) but mental health content is now my priority. And what I talk about is mainly down to you.

I have some ideas and some spare blog posts I’ve written lying around but I want the content on this site to be driven by you. I want to talk about what you’re talking about.

This can be about everything and anything. I like to link to my own story, what’s going on in the world right now and making these into relatable actionable things you can do that will help you. It’s about the tips and tricks, making you know that you’re not alone.

You can also read more short stories

They’ve been suspended for a while but they are now back. I’m going to be completing some of the older short stories with part 2s as well as starting new ones. These are all free – have a look at the current selection now.

So the February Event

This month I’m running a ‘3 for 500’ challenge. You give me 3 random words of your choice and I’ll write a 500-word story on it. The event officially launches today with the form.

This follows on from the Winter Short Story Event where I gave you a short story of your choice to celebrate the festive season. I like doing these events and sharing a bit of free content.

So that’s everything you need to know about what’s happening this February on the site. As you can see there’s more of everything this month.

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