In the somewhere that is Yugoslavia, a banana lays on a desk. It’s yellow. Lightly spotted brown. It’s not in a bowl, surrounded by its fruit companions. Just alone. An ordinary banana, on an ordinary desk.

But this was no ordinary day. The rainbow in the sky may have suggested a pot of gold, some joyous occasion would take place. Alas! That was not to be. The sky glistened blue. The banana glistened yellow. Perfect skin, seamlessly flowing. The oak desk stood firm, banana resting on top.

The small cabin had three rooms, hidden away from the rest of society. The main room was more of a study, with a kitchen area to one side. Then there was a bedroom and one bathroom. The cabin was small, which made it unnoticeable. Hidden deep in the forest, it was miles from the nearest road, and certainly wouldn’t be seen by satellite.

Click! Slowly opening the wooden door creaked slightly as sunlight poured in, illuminating the contents inside. Papers blew across the desk, disturbed by the sudden overflow of air in the room. The room breathed again. Slowly.

The rainbow outside was fading. Precipitation was falling at a slower rate, causing there to be fewer water droplets to sustain it’s vibrant, bright colours. Its radiance slowly slipped out of the sky. The secrets inside the room too were fading.

The intruder made his first tentative steps through the room, his boots imprinting themselves on the scattered paper on the floor. The room looked like it hadn’t been touched in years, cobwebs and dust had made it’s home in all the corners. The window shutters were slightly rotted, allowing small scratches of sunlight to percolate through.

Feeling the banana the intruder could see it was ripe. Its yellow facade a sharp contrast against the faded backdrop. A visual reminder that everything is not always as it seems. But the intruder was not there to worry about bananas.

Carefully, the banana was placed back on the desk. The intruder worked slowly, pawing through the papers. Working to a system, no paper was left upturned, but all were put back in the exact positions they had been found. A sense of urgency did nothing to disturb the precision of the intruder’s work.

A pile of boot-stained papers was growing on the desk. They would have to be removed so no trace was left. Of course, fingerprints were an issue for the other papers, but the number of hands that traded them, it would unlikely be thought of any significance.

The rainbow had completely disappeared now, indicating the onslaught of rain had come to an end. However inside, nothing had disappeared, although the boot-marked papers would soon be of course.

Suddenly there was a beep. The intruder looked around, head spinning to locate the source of the noise. He glanced at his watch, although he knew that it was analogue so it wouldn’t make such a noise.

His glance fell on the banana, where a red light was now flashing at the tip! How could he have been so foolish? He dropped everything, grabbed the papers on the desk and dived for the exit. But as the beeping was getting faster he knew it was too late. The bomb was ready to launch.

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